Delaware County has the unique history of receiving William Penn via boat in 1682, for which our state Pennsylvania is named. Penn landed in what is known today as the city of Chester, Delaware County. The city formed a Board and Trade which operated to benefit the growth and development of the community.

In 1913 popular opinion was unfavorable regarding the performance of the Board and Trade, and an announcement of a new Chamber of Commerce was made to work with the less dynamic Board and Trade. The proposed Chamber of Commerce was backed by men of wealth and the highest standing in the city’s commercial field, and as reported, was created to reach out to industries looking for a location.

It is from those desires for bolstering the economic development of the County over 100 years ago that today we can proudly present our organization that has sustained over many decades, Delaware County Chamber of Commerce.

Read the 1913 announcement of the Chamber of Commerce in the Chester Times archives.