Build your business brand through the Chamber

Believe it or not, your computer screen may be getting in the way of your business success.  Businesses use technology to stay connected to inventory and existing customers, but when it comes to meeting potential new business patrons, the digital world obscures the thing that matters most:  Trust.  To get a pulse on the county's business professionals, it's wise to occasionally forgo the laptop for the tabletop. 

The premise of networking is simple.  Before heading into the office, over a lunch hour, or while having a beverage after work, is the ideal time frame.  It is a low pressure, professional setting where you can meet people and talk face-to-face.  Real deals happen in person. 

The Chamber provides a variety of networking possibilities to both attend and sponsor.  Find out which upcoming networking opportunities may be of interest to your business strategy on our events calendar

We look forward to greeting you at an upcoming event!