Join a Committee

We have committees to help guide our programs towards what members want and desire. We understand that every business and organization has a goal and The Chamber wants to help you achieve this goal.

Our committees offer you opportunity the to work hand and hand with colleagues in County. They also create less intimidating networking. Deeper relationships are built and team building. Members of our committees serve as the liaison between staff and members. They give our members a voice so the Chamber can cater to member needs!

Ambassador Committee

The Ambassador Committee is comprised of Business and Professional Members of the Chamber who work as volunteers to enhance overall membership experience. Ambassadors work as volunteers at events, help with our current membership and membership outreach, all while taking on an active role within the Chamber community.

Committee Chair:
Lisa Verzella
Monarch Staffing

Government Affairs

The Chamber tracks proposed legislation, educates the Chamber Membership of pending and enacted laws, establishes open forums for Members and legislators to meet, and drafts white papers in support of pro-business legislation. All Members of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce are invited to participate in the Government Affairs Committee to let their voice be heard in Harrisburg.

Committee Chair:
Michael S. D'Agostino
Chester Water Authority
The Government Affairs Committee meets the third Friday of every month at the Chamber at 8:00AM

Our Non-Profit Committee is for Members who work for Non-Profits. This committee was designed so these groups can continue to provide and grow the services which improve the quality of life in Delaware County.

Committee Chair:
Michael Ranck, President/CEO
Community YMCA of Eastern Delaware County


Business Owners Committee

Being a member of the Chamber you are able to join the small business committee to help enhance small business within the county. The objective of this committee is to allow you to meet like-minded individuals in the small business community, help develop programs aimed to small businesses and a network in a unique forum.

For Details Contact:
Jack Kinsley
Delaware County Chamber of Commerce


Young Professionals Committee

Delaware County Young Professionals Committee is designed to enrich the experience for the County’s Young Professionals. All members 35 years of age and younger are invited to participate in this committee to help plan events and build relationships. This committee host a wide range of events designed specifically for this age bracket.

Commitee Chair:
Sean Rodgers, Regional Outreach Coordinator
Humble Beginnings

The Young Professionals Committee meets the third Tuesday of every month at the Chamber at 8:30AM